Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lots of Yarn!

I have been busy working on crochet projects still. I unravelled a couple of more sweaters, crocheted 2 more hats and finished up a knitted one, and made a niddy noddy. I also dyed some of the yarn I unravelled, too.

I made another Durango hat; I really like this hat a lot. It just looks really good and is so simple! I also made a hat called Pretty Puffs Slouchy Hat from Crafty Pants; the web address is here:
My hat didn't come out all that slouchy, but I think it's the yarn I used. It was some of the acrylic yarn that Sio brought over from Chris' and it just isn't very soft. I'm going to try it again with some other yarn like maybe Caron Simply Soft.
The knit hat is Wool-Ease and is the first thing I've knit since I made the shawl back in the early spring. It came out ok and I'll wear it. I want to try one on circular needles though.
I also built a niddy noddy. This really makes it a lot easier to measure recycled yarn or some of the balls of yarn Sio brought home. It also makes it a lot easier to skein yarn for dyeing. I made it from pvc, and it was really easy. There are directions here:
The last picture is 130 yards of 100% lambs wool that I recycled from a sweater. I dyed it in my dye pot using 4 jars each with a different color, I just squished parts of the skein somewht evenly down in each jar. There were bits of yarn from jar to jar, but the dye crept, plus I helped it along a bit. There are some lighter parts between the colors, but I think it will still look ok.
Oh, I've been spinning with mt drop spindle too, but the yarn isn't very good yet.

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Melissa said...

Wow, you've been busy! Looks great!