Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Big Chill

We are having some really cold weather here right now. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 35 below with the wind chill. It's the first day of the semester for Sio although they might cancel.It's way too cold to spend much time in the basement sewing so I worked on things the last couple of days that I could do upstairs. I made 3 little crazy heart sachets and am almost finished with a scarf made from a recycled sweater I got last time I went to the thrift store. I haven't spent anytime sewing the rest of the quilt together, it's just way too cold. When I finish the scarf I have an idea for a cuff that I can make by hand too, although I'll probably do that Friday; tomorrow I am going to moms and I am taking Josette and fabric to make her a school dress. I listed 2 of the heart sachets on Etsy and I'll list the 3rd one before I go to bed.

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siobhan said...

better not cancel--i'll stay home all day tomorrow and pester you because my laundry's not done and i'm bored. and i didn't get my salad bar as per usual on thursdays.