Sunday, January 11, 2009

Moon and Stars Quilt

I made 3 blocks up in this pattern and I have to say I love the pattern! The original quilt blocks date some where between 1900 and 1920 I'd say and was made from a blue and white checked shirting fabric. I have a picture of them I saved from somewhere; they had never been made into a quilt. I decided to make them in blues, greens and purples, although they would look equally good made from small calico prints in lighter or brighter colors, or in homespuns. I think I'm going to take strips of fabric varying from 3/4" to 1 3/4", and sew them together to make sashing 3 inches wide. I know I have a couple of yards of blue on blue star print; not the one in the photo, but a different one, and that should be plenty for borders. I'll probably back it with a flannel sheet from the resale shop. I'll quilt it in a simple 1 inch diamond grid. I have batting here, but I might use an old thin blanket for the batting instead. I'm figuring on making this a throw, and I might sell it in my Etsy store, or I might give it away. I know a couple of people that would really like it. I see myself using this pattern for other things, too. I think it would be really great in a rug, as a wallhanging, or pillows.

My sister in law, Linda, has just opened an Etsy store that she calls Mi Casa Bella. She makes some really nice pillows; I've added her to my links section.

Sio and I are going to Evanston either tomorrow night or Tuesday. I'm leaning towards tomorrow; it's supposed to be really cold on Tuesday, plus Sio does not like to get up early. I'm looking forward to it; we always have interesting discussions with Jimmy and I get to go to Vogue. I will confess that I really haven't been paying that much attention to current events lately. I know that's wrong, but there it is. I need to step back every once in awhile and just take a breath; it helps me renew my perspective.

I joined a stash swap for my Bleuette. There'a a list of items to send in by the end of January, and then I'll get back some other peoples things. Then there's a contest to make something for Bleuette by the end of Feb, or maybe March, using at least 3 of the items received in the swap. I think this could be a lot of fun.

I found this excellent video of Dervish doing An t-Ull in a pub. I love Cathy Jordan! She plays the bodhran, too, although not in this video.

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