Sunday, August 29, 2010

Camera Problems

Ok, so I was going to post a tutorial review every week and try and keep more updated on projects here on this blog. Well I have had some camera problems the last week because I'm pretty sure I left the good camera either in Kickapoo State Park or in the Subway in Danville, which is where we were last weekend. We do have the other camera, but I just don't like it as much. I finally broke down and took some pics with it the other day outside. I guess I'll have to use it in lieu of the other one, at least until I can afford to get another one.
Anyway, just because I didn't post doesn't mean I didn't do a tutorial last Tuesday. I did, in fact, make pillow cases out of fabric that was headed for the resale shop, or perhaps it would have been crocheted into a rug. They actually turned out quite nice, and John and I needed new pillowcases. He has these awful flannel ones that I made him years ago that are just falling apart now and never seem to come quite clean. The white parts of the print have turned sort of dingy. So I made new ones. I will post pics of them on Tuesday when I post the tutorial review of the week.
I was also busy in the kitchen last week. I made crusty sandwich bread early in the week, and then on Wednesday I did some oven dried tomatoes from some of the plum tomatoes in the garden. Oh were they yummy! I made angel hair pasta tossed with oven dried tomatoes, fresh basil, Parmesan and olive oil. I also made bruschetta for John one night for an appetizer, and then I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast yesterday. Blueberries were 50 cents a pint at the local grocery store. I am going to make blueberry muffins tomorrow I think, and I may go back and buy some more because I really am thinking I can make blueberry jam as well as the raspberry. I'm also going to make pesto and freeze it, I have so much basil. I will take pics and post them when I make them.
Gary's dad passed away from cancer last week, and we went out to the memorial service yesterday. I had not seen his parents in a couple of years, since before he moved in with Chris and Richard. His mom seemed to be holding up pretty well, but she's still in shock. She is planning on staying where she is for now, although Gary said if she wanted to come up here he would move into an apartment with her. Jimmy is living at home now, so that gives her time to really mourn and then figure out what she really wants to do. They live pretty far down south, about 35 miles from Pontiac in Chatsworth. If we lived nearer I would go and visit her. She's always been such a quiet, retiring woman. I think when it hits her it's going to be really hard.

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