Saturday, January 06, 2007

Etsy Shop

I opened a shop on Etsy this morning. I only have 2 things in it right now, but I have a few things to list later on. I am going to list some of the pillows that never sold on E-bay and then bags as I make them. It's a lot cheaper than E-bay, it's only 20 cents to list an item, and then a 3% fee if you sell it. The store is free.It costs me over $1 everytime I list something on E-bay, and if I want to open a store it's $20 or $25 a month, I can't remember which, the fees over there keep going up. Anyway, at 20 cents I can afford to list a lot of things, so I'm going to. If I end up not selling anything, at least it hasn't cost me an arm and a leg like E-bay can.

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