Saturday, January 20, 2007

Newfoundland Heritage Quilt

I started the quilt for the quilt show. I printed up some of the blocks on Thursday, and started assembling them today. I think they look pretty good. Our scanner isn't working so I can't scan any more pics, but I'm going over to Chris and Richards tomorrow, and I can use his. I have a lot of pictures, my problem is which ones I want to use. I am using 5 different shades of blues/aquas for the sashing, and changing the sashing sizes block to block, just so they all equal around 12 inches long. I will probably have the width be about 11 inches or so. Anyway, I'm posting some of the blocks here. When they are all done I want to lay them out on the big cutting table at work so I can arange them the way I want. Now that I am finally working on it, I'm pretty excited.

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