Sunday, January 07, 2007

The World's Greatest Rock Band

Every once in awhile I go into an all Zep all the time mode, and I think I am in it now. I'm not sure what happens to get me there either; earlier I was listening to Yonder Mounain String Band. I downloaded some Flyleaf, Chris, Jeremy and Lindsay do a cover of one of their songs, which is quite good. Maybe that reminded me that there will never be another rock band, in my opinion, that has the stature of Zep. Without them rock music today would look very different. So I just put my Zep playlist in Winamp and have been listening to it. They are as good today as they were 38 years ago. Holy Shit, I can't believe that Zep I is almost 40 years old! Wow, that's just amazing! And there are kids still listening to them! There was a kid learning how to play guitar in the store not long ago and he had on a Zep t-shirt, he and his mom both said they are their favorite band. You can still buy Zep t-shirts at the store where Sio buys her clothes. Anyway, some time ago I saw a pair of pants somewhere, (I don't remember if it was on E-bay, or on a website) that had the ZOSO symbol up one leg. I save the picture, they are made from black corduroy, with ZOSO appliqued in a silver grey corduroy. I was thinking about doing something somewhat similar, but I want to use all 4 of the symbols. I could applique them all except Plant's feather, I would either embroider the whole feather, or at least the detail. I might do them on the flap of a messenger bag instead of pants. I have been thinking about doing something ever since I saw those pants, but I don't want to copy them, so a bag or a hoodie would be cool. I worked on enlarging the symbols tonight and got them to the right sizes. Tomorrow I'll pick out fabrics and start it before I go to work. I will probably not be able to sell it, I told John yesterday that I need a new bag, I guess this will be it.

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