Thursday, January 11, 2007

Valentine's Chatty

Ok, I had to do this. I bought the fabric and spent one morning making this sweet little outfit for Chatty. When I put the Christmas stuff away I realized that she had nothing except Christmas clothes. So I dressed her for Valentine's Day. She's the only one that has a Valentines outfit. If I have time I might make one of the other dolls one too.
I didn't start my other bag because I need a piece of black corduroy and it turns out I have every color in the world except black.Siobhan, Chris and I are going out later today and I'll get some at JoAnn's. We don't have any at work either, plus it isn't on sale there and it is at JoAnn. In the meantime I am almost finished with a crocheted bag that I started the other day to use up some of the cotton yarn. I am going to line it and then list it on Etsy.
On a stranger note, there was a murder here in Oakbrook Terrace on Christmas Eve, mom heard about it and told me. Well my boss said he heard that the last murder here was in 1979, and when he drove me home the other night he asked where 16th street was. 16th street is the one that runs along the woods and wetlands that Sio and I pick berries in and look for dye plants. Well, turns out that back in 1979 those woods are where they found the body of the person that was murdered. It's kind of eerie, I kind of feel like we shouldn't go back there. John said that the body being left there is different than if the murder had actually taken place there, and I guess he's right, but I still feel as if it's kind of an intrusion. I don't go back there by myself much, anyway, and I don't go into the woods alone, mostly if I'm alone I just go right in the field inside the fence or over by the other townhouses where all the sumac grows. Anyway, it's just kind of eeirie and I wish he hadn't told me.

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