Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Catch up

I have been so busy packing I haven't had any time to sew. I have been listing stuff that I had hanging in the closet just to keep new things going in my Etsy store.

Siobhan took me out for breakfast on Monday for Mother's Day since she will be gone this weekend, and bought all my flowers for me. We planted some of them when we came home, and then I planted the rest this morning. I had a lot of big pots and I put them in there. It's been so nice I think I'm going to move all the house plants out today, too.

Mom's birthday was yesterday and we went to visit her. My Mothers Day present from Melissa was over there, she sent me the prettiest pair of turquoise bird earrings, and a check that I am going to buy all my vegetable plants with.
Mr. Checkers came down with a respiratory infection and had to go to the vet. Siobhan and John took him on Monday. It was hard to tell how sick the poor little guy was, he was still eating some, although he was pickier than usual, and sometimes he would perk right up. But some of the time on Sunday and Monday he would just look so listless. He lost a little weight since the last time he was at the vet, so he gets a special peanut treat to help him put the weight back on, but he has to be segregated from the other piggies until his antibiotic is gone. He's cuddling with Siobhan in the picture.

I'm a little blue today, I think I am going to make something just to cheer myself up. I should pack more, but what one day?

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