Sunday, May 27, 2007

Catching up

I haven't written anything lately, I've been kind of busy with packing and still trying to keep up with some sewing. I sold a skirt to a regular customer, here's a link to her Etsy store: She makes really nice jewellery, I have bought some from her and it's quality stuff. I have posted a pic of the skirt, I really wasn't sure if I liked the colors, but it turned out nice.

ABC science made and released this Australian documentary. It gives the history of oil, where it comes from, how it was formed, etc. in a very understandable and interesting way, and then goes on to talk about humanities dependence on the stuff, the peak of oil production and how we have changed the earth and it's climate through our use of it. There are also some interviews on the site, which I haven't watched yet, from people in the film like Colin Campbell. It was first released a couple of days ago on the 24th of May. It is a very good documentary; I don't know why we don't see more of this kind of stuff on tv here.

It's also been a big week for political news. The Democrats caved to the White House on the issue of funding for the Iraq war. I think a lot of people were disappointed, and the Dem's have been making some noise about how this is just the first step, wait til Sept., blah blah. We'll see. Melissa and I didn't quite agree on this issue, she thinks it was right to pass the bill as it is, and be happy for the increase in minimum wage and the other domestic spending. I think we have just payed for the lives of many more American soldiers and Iraqi people with a wage increase that could have been tied to some other issue and still passed. There's also been some buzz about a presidential directive from May 9th that some are saying gives the President what amounts to dictatorial power in the event of a national emergency. I read part of it, and I'm adopting a "well, maybe" attitude. On the one hand, I would put nothing past this administration; on the other hand, in order to assume those sorts of powers you would need a military force to support you. The military is currently tied up in Iraq, and even if it wasn't, I don't think they would support something like that. That doesn't mean that I don't think Bush&Co. wouldn't make some sort of bid to maintain power, but I just don't see that it would work.

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