Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yesterdays News

Well, the biggest piece of news yesterday was Jerry Falwell's death. Now I do realize that the man had a family, and I'm sure they are grieving for him, and I feel sorry for that. But I really feel that the death of a man who was such a hypocrite, such a preacher of hate and division; a man who made his money from the old and sick and poor; yeah, I feel that his death is a good thing. He was a racist, he supported Apartheid, he preached hatred of gay people and feminists, he took advantage and controlled his congregation with fear. According to his beliefs it was ok that millions of people were going to burn in hell forever. As I said to John yesterday, if there is a hell, I'll bet old Jerry was really surprised when he found himself there! Fundamentalism in any religion is very often just a thin disguise for hatred and narrow mindedness. From a personal perspective, it has caused divisions in John's family that may never be healed. Anyway, I think the world will be a better place because of this, although there are plenty of people out there ready to pick up Jerry's beacon of narrow minded thought. They may have a harder time than in the past, though. I really feel that this war and the way the current administration has acted like they can do just about anything with no repercussions, has changed the tide in this country, and that people are more and more upset every day. I think the last elections proved that, and I think that was just the beginning. They say things run in cycles, and maybe the reaction against far right thinking has begun. I certainly hope so.

On a personal note, I was looking on E-bay yesterday, and was surprised to see a set I sold last summer being re-sold by the person I sold it to. I don't have a problem with that, but she was selling it as new, and never mentioned that she hadn't made it. It pissed me off just a bit, so I e-mailed her. She said she was sorry, and re listed it saying she had only worn it a bit, and that she had not made it. So that was ok.

I am actually going to sew today, I have a skirt to finish and list.

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