Sunday, May 13, 2007

Promising Article

I've been behind on reading oil news lately, but there's a link to this article over on the Energy Bulletin:
If it turns out that this is a technology that really works, we could be buying ourselves at least 50 years. If we don't continue to waste this precious energy on stupid stuff like shopping we could buy ourselves a lot longer time. I don't really trust the DOE's estimates on what's actually left that is recoverable, but I know there has to be something, and it could be enough to get us to the switch to other viable forms of energy. It's nice to read a hopeful article every once in awhile.
On a whole different topic, we had Mother's Day at Chris and Rich's yesterday since I was working today. It was a great day, it always is when we all go over there. Mom, Carla , and I went and bought plants at Prairie Feed Co. I Got all my veggies, and 8 strawberry plants. Anyway, Carla had a new bag she bought at some shop some where, it was made with a vintage earthy colored floral curtain or upholstery fabric, with a pleat that had shantung in it, and a velveteen lining. A very nice purse made by a fiber arts person in Calif. She paid $160 for it. Not what I would pay ( I can make it myself anyway), but a nice return on probably about 3-4 hours work and $20 or $25 in materials. I am going to make one, if I can find a fabric that I think would be nice. I figure I can sell mine for between $100 and $120.I wish I had taken pics if it, I had the camera with me but I forgot.
Chris got me a new mp3 player, and Melissa sent me a check to buy plants with and some really cute turquoise earrings that are birds from Albuquerque.

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