Saturday, November 13, 2010

Camera Problems

Well I am having camera problems again. John thinks it's the card; it says it needs to be reformatted when I take it out of the camera and put it in the card reader. So I can't post the pictures of my finished shawl or the cute black skirt I made. At least I can post a few random pics from New York though. I am so glad that I took these off the camera before the card went bad!

weird little house around the corner from Melissa and Nikki's building.

This is the Washington Mews by Washington Square park. I thought this street looked very European. I spent a lot of time wandering around the side streets near the park one day.

Just a cool building.

This is the White Horse Tavern. Supposedly Dylan Thomas' ghost is still hanging around, although I didn't see it anywhere outside. I didn't go inside as it was overpriced, plus I was told the food isn't very good.

This is the view from the apartment. I like the pink building; I forget what it's called.

On a walk with the girls.

Washington Square park

Nikki took this nice picture of all of us.

Mom and Sio on the subway.


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