Wednesday, November 03, 2010

St Luke in the Field and a Challenge

It turns out that one of the nicest places I went to while I was in NYC was the gardens of a little church just a block away from Melissa's house called St Luke in the Field. The church was built in 1822, and the buildings and gardens very much remind me of what I imagine an English country church would be like. It's like a little surprising respite in the middle of the busy streets of Greenwich Village. I went there twice and just sat in the gardens with a little knitting that I didn't work on. I didn't attend a service while I was there, but next time I visit I will.

Ok now onto the challenge. There is a young lady here on the web who has started the A Dress A Day challenge. What she has done has been to swear off all clothes shopping in regular department and discount stores for a year, and instead, with a budget of $365 for the year, (which is $1 a day) set herself the challenge of remaking items from her local thrift store. The link to her page is She is remaking one item every day for a year, starting with super cheap thrift store finds or using free things that she finds or is given. I think it's a really cool idea, however not all of her stuff is what I would consider wearable. Sometimes she's rushed and doesn't really remake anything; she just adds a pin or layers 2 pieces. I'm not criticizing here, she has a job and it is not an easy thing to make yourself sew every single day. Plus the limit of $1 a day pretty much insures that there will only be a certain quality of garment used. But it got me thinking, and I have set myself my own challenge. What it the budget was $10 a week, and with that $10 I have to come up with 2 to 5 wearable outfits. And by wearable I mean no remade 80's floof. It has to be in line with current fashion, and it would be nice if I could pick up on trends that are happening or are on the verge of happening, as well as remaking some things into more classic items. I can buy as many or as few garments as I want with the $10 each week, and I can pull from my stash and use things that are given to me. The important thing is that I am not making these clothing items for me; I am going to make them as part of a new line of sustainable clothing and accessories that I am going to feature on Etsy. I talked to Carla about it and she is really excited and wants to help which is good because I can't take pics worth a damn,she knows advertising and marketing, she stays on top of current fashion, and she is really committed to sustainability. She doesn't sew that well, but that will come with practice. I am going to stick to the $10 a week and I think that she should too, but will that be each of us has $10 or is it $10 between us? Her job might be over next week, so this could end up as being a source of income for both of us. Anyway, she is coming to moms on Sunday and we are going to pore over fashion magazines and make plans. I already spent my $10 for this week; I got 3 tops and an Alfred Dunn straight sleeveless dress. I'll post pics of them later, and I'll also post pics of garments that I finish. I have a couple of ideas already, but before I start anything I want to go through my stash of clothes that I have on hand as well as some of my vintage trims and stuff. Since I buy what I like I have a weird eclectic mix already. Anyway, I think this could end up being as much fun as it will be work, and that's the whole point isn't it?

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