Friday, November 19, 2010

Pictures! Yay! Cooking and a Shirt to Skirt Makeover!

So I made a chicken pot pie that John thought was very tasty.And it was pretty too, because of the little leaf cutouts from the presses Melissa sent me. I'll be pulling these out again for Thanksgiving.

Then there is this cute shirt to skirt that I made today. The inspiration came from this skirt I saw in Vogue. I love front button skirts, I've owned a few over the years; there is a denim one in my closet right now. This one is by designer Michael Kors,is made of wool and is $1,395.00

I was in Evanston yesterday and the day before, and while shopping with Carla, I came across this Perry Ellis shirt. It was $4, a bit more than I usually pay, but I really liked the feel of the cotton,and the print.

I was originally thinking of a cotton tunic, but when I saw the skirt pic this morning, I knew I was going to try and work it out.I think it turned out nice. I might switch out the buttons for something lighter in color and prettier.

I call it Michael Kors meets Perry Ellis. I still have scraps of the shirt left and I might trim a t-shirt to match. Or perhaps a bikini top with a cream hemp linen jacket. We'll see.

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