Saturday, November 06, 2010

Some More NYC pics

These pictures are all from South Street Seaport. I LOVED this place. There were a lot of historic buildings, and there were lots of boats. There were also a lot of tourists, but hey, that's ok since I was a tourist too. I really liked the embellished construction fence. Melissa pointed it out to me by saying that New Yorkers even make their construction sites look pretty. But what was really nice, is that with a bit of imagination, it was easy to see what New York might have looked like 150 years ago. I like looking for the history of the places I visit and I really didn't get that in my other trips to New York. We never really seemed to have any time, and I never really liked the place until now. This trip was really nice, and for the first time I'm looking forward to going back; not just to see Melissa, but because, as it turns out, there is plenty to like about NYC after all.

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