Monday, November 05, 2007

Another bag

I sold the little clutch from last week. I listed it and it sold in about 6 hours. I have another one cut out in a different fabric, plus I bought some more of the oriental print I used, too. I made a large granny bag yesterday that I listed this morning, there is a picture of it here. I am going to try and list something everyday, at least til mid-December.

Sio and Chris went to an animae convention over the weekend so I watched bunny and Albert. She called me twice a day to make sure bunny was eating and Albert was ok. I haven't heard from her yet today, but I expect to before too long; I'm sure she's anxious to see them.

John took off a bit early yesterday and we went to Chris and Richards to watch foot ball. It was a nice afternoon; with the way John's been working I never see Chris anymore.

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