Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another Etsy Sale and Christmas Stocking

According to Melissa, Pisces careers are supposed to be on the upswing this month so maybe that's why I had another sale on Etsy. This time it was the random patch skirt I made earlier this year. I got $60 for it, so I made more at home then I did at work.

I made a very retro looking stocking today and listed it, too. I wanted to make two of them, but I didn't have enough fusible fleece for the interlining. It turned out pretty nice; I hope it sells quickly.

Siobhan spent the afternoon and part of the evening here and made a bag for herself. This is only about the third time she's sewn anything; she needed help but she did pretty well on her own for most of it. I was ok with her sewing, too; I didn't need to do shots or have a nervous breakdown which is a huge improvement. It's funny, but I seemd to be ok with Melissa sewing; I don't know why I get so crazy when Sio does.
We might go up to Evanston and spend the night on Thursday, and then come home on Friday when John gets off. We haven't talked to Carla about it yet; I am going to call her tomorrow.

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