Sunday, November 25, 2007

Patchwork Belt

I saw a belt kind of like this and thought I could make one. It actually was really easy, and took less than an hour. I used 4 different prints, all from the same fabric collection, and then a dark brown on the back. It fastens with the end threaded thru 2 D rings. I could have used an interfacing with a bit more body, and I will on the next one. These could make some really nice presents, or I could make half a dozen for the last craft show.

I can't find the embroidered stocking anywhere. I was almost done with the embroidery and it just disappeared. I had it at work, but I'm sure I brought it home. I really want to find it and finish it. It's been gone since this past Tuesday.

We had a really nice Thanksgiving over at Richard and Chris' house. Siobhan was really interested in learning how to make Thanksgiving like mom does, especially the stuffing. It really is the greatest stuffing ever. The guys watched football, and the Star Wars; Irene had never seen it so she watched it too, and we stayed til it was over.

I finally found some shoes today at Shoe Carnival. They always have buy 1 pair get the second for half off, so I got gym shoes and some cute strappy dress shoes that are kind of on wedges. They had a pair of loafers I liked, plus some really nice heels that were pretty high but not skinny; I might go back for those next week.

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