Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas Table Runner

I stopped work on the stockings to make this table runner for my mom. She wanted one for her coffee table, and this one should be ok. It measures 45" x 16", and is made with strips of leftover Christmas fabrics from other projects. I did a quilt as you go so it went really fast. If she doesn't like it then maybe it will do for the mantle here.

I'm almost done with the partridge embroidery, I wanted to get it finished over the weekend but I worked on Saturday and then we had errands yesterday, plus John and I went out for a bit. We hadn't been to a casino in at least 6 months, probably more like 8 so we went and played video poker and had a lot of fun. We played 1 coin at a time and made the money last for awhile. Anyway, I'll finish the embroidery today and maybe make the stocking too.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I usually like the things you make but this one is just ugly. It seems up Grandma H's alley, though.