Thursday, November 15, 2007

Partridge in a Pear Tree

I bought the Aunt Martha's Holiday Transfers at work yesterday, and decided to do an embroidered stocking with this motif. I am using some of the vintage linen I got from Joanie to embroider it on. I took the picture with my two possible fabric choices for the cuff, but the green isn't showing up too well. It's the same as the red. I might do some beading on the cuff, too. I'll probably do the back of the stocking either in the cuff fabric or maybe just muslin. I'm going to line it in muslin too.

Joan was in China and she bought back a silkworn cocoon (dead, of course), and some unspun silk for us. Melissa called last night and I told her about it; I am waiting til she gets in to try and spin it. I have a lightweight drop spindle that she said would be good.

I think I am going to start baking this weekend while the guys are watching football. I'll make them chili or something easy for dinner. Sio wants cranberry bars so I might make those, and then maybe something that will freeze well.

It's pretty cold today and I confess I'm listening to some Christmas music even though it's really still a bit early. It just goes well with the stocking.

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Melissa said...

Cheater! You can't listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving! Bad Mom!