Monday, September 08, 2008

CelticFest and Other Stuff

CelticFest is this Saturday and Sio and I are going. Great Big Sea is playing on Saturday night and I'm pretty excited, even though I don't like what I've heard of the cd. I expect they'll play some old stuff too, they always do. Mairi Rankin is there too, and I'd like to see her. This is my first time at the fest, too, even though I've been saying forever that I was going to go. Since it's in Grant Park we can take the train and walk. And since we'll get weekend passes I can go to Geneva to the yarn store on Sunday too.

I have been pretty busy with the crocheting and recycling sweaters, plus I finished the scarf I was knitting. It looks very nice and I want to knit a watch cap to go with it.

We've also done a lot of fishing; the weather has been perfect, not hot but not cool either. We all have caught nice size fish, but John still holds the record for biggest out of the 3 of us.

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