Thursday, September 04, 2008

I watched the Palin speech; and I'll give her a good delivery. She reads a speech very well, even one that was written for someone else and had to be changed to make it more "feminine". A great delivery of a speech that was filled with the same lies that we have heard over and over again and very little else. She did not address the economy, or health care, or the destruction of the middle class of this country, or even a real plan on energy independence. She trotted out the same old lies and half truths in attacking Obama, and I for one am getting tired of it. She tried to point out that being a mayor makes you more experienced than the State or US senate and harped on his lack of doing anything. And for anyone who believes that go and read this:

I think she really showed how unqualified she is to be Vice President. What I would really like to see is Hillary come out with both guns blazing and show why Palin is not qualified to do anything except slink back to Alaska. And then finish her off in the VP candidates debate.

I realize that in the past the American voters have very often based their vote on sound bites and who looks best, but I really think the GOP has over calculated this time. I think people are more engaged and they are paying more attention to the issues. Palin may have energized the base, but I think they were counting on the average women in this country being a lot dumber than they actually are. The Hillay contingent would never come out for this woman.

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Melissa said...

Can you believe that during the speech the crowd interrupted her to shout "Drill, baby, drill," not once, but twice?!?! That's the kind of people we're up against and the kind of insanity that passes for energy policy. It makes me ill.