Sunday, September 14, 2008

More on Palin

I read an article in the NYT about how Sarah filled government posts. It makes for some interesting reading.

I don't think playing favorites is the way to fulfill your duties as the Vice President of the US. I also read another article that talked about how her husband Todd sat in on a lot of the government business of Alaska, to the point where it was questioned about why he would need to be there.

That just supports my argument against having a conservative right-wing Christian in the second most powerful office in the nation, just a heartbeat away from the most powerful job on earth. Don't people realize that because of her religious views we won't be getting Sarah Palin as leader, we will be getting Sarah Palin who is obedient to Todd, her husband; who is head of her? Melissa told John that some of the women in her knitting group were rampant Hillary supporters and now say they will vote for McCain; and that Melissa is sexist because she doesn't support Palin. What is wrong with these women? Don't they realize that by voting McCain/Palin they will set the Women's Movement back by decades? Honestly, if that's what we've come to in this country; if intelligent people are going to let themselves be so blinded by their emotions, we might as well pack it up and move to Canada and let them live with the consequences of their decision. I mean, it's insane! Actually, Matt Damon calls it absurd and compares it to a really bad Disney movie in this youtube video:

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