Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to the Fiber Arts

We watched the Dallas/Minnesota game at Chris and Richard's yesterday and I crocheted a pretty piece of edging from a fingering weight yarn I bought at Wool and Co. last summer. I'm going to crochet another piece the same size while I am at the dentist with Sio today; she's having a really bad time with one of her wisdom teeth. Anyway, I amd going to sew the lace to the ends of a piece of black wool I have and use it for a shawl. I also got some more of my fleece carded. After talking it over with John I'm going to order my spinning wheel probably the last week of January. It would be nice to think that I could get it all carded and maybe even some of it dyed before the wheel gets here but that probably won't happen. I am going to bid on some new cards on E-bay this week and if I don't win those there is a buy-it-now for $40. Gary was at Chris' and he and Chris were pretty interested in the carding process. Gary said he might need to know how to do it when Armageddon happens in 2012.
On another subject, here is one of my favorite videos with Mary Kennedy. It is Puirt a Beul, which translated means "mouth music". It's from the Tranatlantic Sessions which were done a few years ago.

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