Friday, January 08, 2010

Christmas outfit and other stuff

I took Josette over to moms today and took pics of her in her Christmas dress. This is Robe Tallieur from 1918. The under dress is a simple sleevless A-line made from a cotton with diamonds in a shiny thread woven in. The outer jacket is made from a dark red raw silk and I used the scallop stitch on my machine to finish all the edges. The outfit is finished off with a black silk ribbon belt that ties in back. This is not my favorite dress that I've made for my Bleu, but I do like it. The under dress pattern was a bit big when made from the pattern as printed in Le Semaine De Suzette, I had to take it in quite a bit. Other than that it fit pretty well.

The white blouse is 1911's Guimpe Brodee. I used a different embroidery pattern on the yoke than was printed in that edition of the magazine. It is made from plain white cotton muslin and is gathered into the yoke and at the waist. Poor little girl has nothing to waer this with and so has to model in her underwear! I may make her a jumper or something to wear this with later on.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and relized I haven't really done a lot lately except for Carla's hanky quilt and the doll clothes. I started looking at quilt pictures yesterday and found this red and white one from the 1890's. Instead of a solid red with white I am doing all the reds in scrap. I have the center panel almost finished and I just started it yesterday. I figured the math and it will finish about 66"x76" which will be ok for a full or an extra quilt for company. If I get the top done quickly I might hand quilt it.

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