Monday, January 04, 2010

Paula's needlework and Music blog

Ok, I should change the name of this blog to Paulas Needlework and Music or something. Anyway, here's a top notch video of my current favorite Foo Fighters video, Let It Die. Youtube cannot do justice to the opening guitar for this song; it's essential to listen in stereo with volume fully cranked. But here it is from youtube, such as it is:

I know I've written before in this blog how I have to agree with Rich's comment that, as tragic as it might have been, if Kurt Cobain hadn't died the real talent of Nirvana may have never been realized. Song's like this just reinforce that view. Chris also pointed out how Hole came out of that too, although Courtney was already involved with her band before Kurts death. Anyway, looking back from many years later,I wonder would alternative music have broken into the mainstream they way it did with out Nirvana? There were other really good bands that came out of that whole Seattle scene; Pearl Jam and Soundgarden being just 2 of my favorites and both of them, in my opinion, better bands then Nirvana ever was. Chris has said that he thinks it's a terrible thing that Nirvana will be the band that his generation is connected with, and I have to agree with him. Not that I'm trashing Nirvana; they were a good band, it's just they weren't the best.

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