Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun With Fiber

I got a package in the mail yesterday! Three lbs of Corriedale fleece which I started washing up today. It is so soft and long when it's washed. I only did a little because I am still working on reorganizing the basement. I found time to spin up the yellow, aqua and white roving I dyed though, and it came out very nice. I am having a problem with too much twist which I read is common with beginners. The solution(s) seem to be 1. Treadle slower and 2. Spin the spun yarn counterclockwise to take some of the twist out. I tried the second with some yarn I had spun and it seems to work although it's more work to have to respin off the bobbin. I left it on my lazy kate and the just spun to a new bobbin on the wheel. I was treadling slower today and there was some yarn that didn't get enough twist into it although that's easy to fix too. Anyway, I am going to knit a hat with my first skein even though it has too much twist. And I'm going to try and concentrate on getting an even yarn and not worry about twist too much. I also found instructions on how to make wool combs online. Since the cheapest ones I've found are $99, this is way better. I'm going out to Lowes tomorrow and get the materials.
While I was cleaning the corner where my rugmaking wool is I came across some roving I dyed maybe 3 years ago and was going to spin on the drop spindle but didn't. So I spun up some of that too, and it turned out pretty nice. I have at least 3 ozs of it, maybe a bit more and it will make a nice hat or maybe fingerless gloves.
I made a hat yesterday to match some fingerless gloves that are in my Etsy store. I used the leftover yarn from the gloves and then some dark green from another project. It turned out very nice; perfect for St Pattys Day. If it doesn't sell I might wear it and the gloves myself. I haven't taken any pics yet but I will.

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Melissa said...

Jesus, you're a busy bee! Come visit me and bring your wheel!