Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rainbow Hat

So this is the second project from my hand spun. I dyed the roving in a rainbow of color, and then knit the hat yesterday in a simple k2 p2 rib. My yarn is still not totally even but it's better than it was and I have some more roving that I've dyed in more Easter egg colors and will start spinning today. I found a cute tam pattern that I want to try with it. I've also been reorganizing my Etsy store a bit, and I crocheted a lacy beret out of some acrylic I have here as well as a couple sets of coasters that I am going to list today. Plus I had some bits of leftover fibers sitting around from drop spindle projects, so I went ahead and spun those up too in the last week. I saw a scarf that was crocheted in stripes using all hand spun yarns; every strip was a different color so I need an ounce or so of 7 or 8 bright colors. I might do some dyeing in small amounts today. I still havent made my wool combs either, but maybe I can do that this evening.

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