Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Pictures!

I had a nasty computer virus that John had to fix for me. He ended up reformatting and now I can't upload pictures! I don't know what the problem is but he has to hook me up to the network anyway so he said he'd fix it then. I have pics of my new wheel to post! And of the yarn I spun. There's a bit too much twist to it so I need to work on that. I'm going to have to tear myself away from spinning and work on the basement some more today; I've made a big dent in the unorganization and I would really like to keep it up. I got really sick last week when I first started cleaning; I had a nasty allergic reaction that turned into a respiratory thing that lasted almost a week. I got a mask at Target and I'm going to wear that today.

We had about 8 inches of snow or so between yesterday and today. It snowed yesterday on and off all day but not really hard, but then last night when John and I went to pick Sio up from school it really started coming down. And then this morning apparently we had an earthquake although I didn't feel anything. It was 4.something on the Richter scale. We had one not that long ago, too, maybe a year or two. It's kind of weird; we never used to get them. I guess New York is really getting snow today; I think Melissa is going to work from home.

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