Friday, February 26, 2010

I LOVE SPINNING! or Reflections on Past Lives

Ok, so what have I learned about spinning in the last few days? Well, in order to get proficient, it's important to spin some every day, or almost everyday. I think maybe there is only one day that I haven't spun in the last 7. The more I spin, the more even my yarn becomes, as is witnessed with the yarn that I am calling my Easter egg yarn because I dyed the roving in Easter egg colors. The yarn spins up nicely in pastels, as in the picture, and them knits up nice too. The project is my first ever knitted tam and I have been knitting it while watching the Olympics in the evening . I have kept the yarn at a pretty even weight most of the time, around a heavy worsted or aran weight. There are still some thinnish spots now and again but I have gotten much better over the last week. I should be almost done with the tam except I have also been making my wool combs over the last couple of evenings too. I have the holes drilled and the nails epoxied in place but unfortunately cannot find the hand saw to finish them off. I'll go over to my son's house tomorrow and use his. I found a couple of videos on youtube that I wish I had watched before I started making them; I might have bought some different wood to use. It's ok though; these will work. Then of course, I have been dyeing some of the Corriedale I got a couple of weeks ago so that I can comb it as soon as my combs are ready. I only need a small amount of each color so I can crochet one of those long striped scarves.
So all this fiber stuff has gotten me thinking about the past life business just a tad, and wondering if there is something to it all. There are a couple of reasons why; one is the whole thing of how I am drawn to this stuff and I seem to be able to be adequate at all of it pretty quickly. Maybe in my past life/lives I did all this and I have brought it forward with me. I mean, there is no reason for me to have to prepare fiber and then make my own yarn. Although a lot of women are so that in and of itself maybe doesn't mean anything. But the kicker is that I've always been interested in this stuff. When I was 3 or so I demanded and got a toy spinning wheel. It was a little brown plastic thing that didn't really work but I would transfer yarn from one part of it to another by spinning the wheel. I don't remember if it had a treadle or not, but I'm guessing it did. My earliest memory is sitting in the driveway sewing old dish rags together with yarn and a huge needle., again at the age of 3ish or maybe a bit younger. So do we surround ourselves with those things that we are familiar with from previous lives? It would explain why I am so comfortable with the domestic arts. Or is there something else that draws me to the past and the home crafts that were practiced long ago? I don't know that a person is drawn to a love of history and the old ways of doing things at such a young age. I mean, I don't remember if I would have even seen a spinning wheel by the time I was 3, let alone someone actually using it. Anyway, these are things that have entered my mind lately that make me wonder.

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