Thursday, February 04, 2010

To Dye Or Not To Dye

....Ok, who am I fooling? I got a pound of this nice corriedale roving that shipped separately from my wheel. The roving came by mail and the wheel is being shipped UPS and will probably be here on Monday or Tuesday. Anyway, I can't see that the roving will be the same color as it is now when the wheel gets here. I'm going to look for a kettle dyeing tutorial because I love the way the kettle dyed rovings look. I figure that 4 ozs of dyed roving will make enough yarn for a hat for sure. In the spirit of going to see Great Big Sea next month I might dye my first batch pink and green and leave some white spaces. Or maybe not. It will depend on what hits me at the time. I will take pics and post them though.

I'm also posting pics of the cabled scarf which is really really easy. Anybody who wants to learn to cable would be fine with this scarf. I can take this with me anywhere and not screw it up, even over to mom's where it is really really hard to concentrate on anything. I tried my first fair isle hat over there and had to give it up because it's so distracting trying to follow directions. But this scarf is fine, and I think it's turning out nice. It's definitely a winter scarf though, the yarn is heavy for a worsted and really warm.


Melissa said...

Ooh! roving!

That scarf is gorgeous. What kind of yarn is it?

Paula said...

It's Yarn Bees Rainbow Wool It's a wool/acrylic blend and is a heavy worsted