Monday, February 01, 2010

Lots of Fibery Things

Ok, well here are two hats I made in the last 4 or 5 days. The first one is a basic hat with a k2p2 ribbing that I knit using Universal yarn's Classic Worsted Tapestry yarn. It was leftover from the mittens I made for Siobhan last fall. I made a hat last year using the same yarn in a different color; I just love the way it knits up. It's an acrylic/wool blend. The second hat has a very simple lace edge. It came out ok, except I should have used a dk weight instead of worsted because the lace pattern doesn't show up that well. I have a bunch of Hobby Lobbys I Love This Yarn that I was going to use for an afghan that didn't happen, so I used some of it for this hat. I think I'm going to make it again. Tha pattern is from Headhuggers:
Siobhan and I couldn't contain ourselves and we bought some yarn over the weekend. We went to String Theory which is a knitting shop in Glen Ellyn because I couldn't find a size 8 16 inch circular anywhere else. I also bought a size 7 16 inch circular and Siobhan got a ball of chunky single ply black yarn that I can't remember the brand of. I have to say that if what you're looking for is fancy yarn String Theory is a nice place. If you're looking for more basic workhorse yarns, like Lambs Pride worsted for example, they just don't carry them. That being the case I bought some yarn at Hobby Lobby a ball of Yarn Bees Rainbow Wool which I was planning on using for a cabled hat but I might go back and get another ball and make a cabled scarf instead. I also want to practice Fair Isle some more and I found a hat that uses 3 colors. I had some cream at home, I'm using the green for most of the hat and the purple variegated and cream for the Fair Isle part.
I also got my new cards and I have a lot of wool carded, but I still have a lot more to wash and card. I have a big basket of wool ready to be spun. I am going to do some dyeing today I think; I saw some really nice roving on E-bay so I think I'm going to try and get the same look with the roving I've prepared. There were 3 colors that were put together and them there was a picture of what it looked like spun up. I wish I had a scale. I am also ordering my wheel today as soon as John gets home. I have checked everything i possibly can and I am going with Ashfords Kiwi. It's just the best value for a beginner spinner like me.
Sio and I went shopping yesterday which was fun. We had lunch and I got a new pair of jeans which I really needed. I also got a top on clearance, some earrings and a bunch of bangles on sale and Sio and I went into Payless where we got sucked into the buy 1 get 1 at half price. So we both got new shoes. I really liked mine so I put them on right away and wore them until I stepped into a crack in the parking lot at Jewel and twisted my foot which still hurts a bit this morning. I guess that's what I get for being vain about my new shoes.

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Monica said...

Love this look! Sort of has that flapper 1920's feel to it...