Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blackwork ornament

Ok, here is the blackwork ornament I made this morning. I guess I could call it blue and yellow work, since I did it in those colors. It isn't very big, just 3" x 3". I sewed it together on the machine and put in just a bit of stuffing to plump it out. I have so many blackwork designs that this could be a way to try them all out, and I can sell the finished ones at one of the craft shows I'm doing. I'd like to do a blackwork shirt some day, I think it would be really pretty. I have done collars and cuffs before, but never a whole shirt.
We are having some fall/wintery weather here, we had a bit of snow the other day. Nothing major, and it didn't stick, but it's kind of early for snow still. Today it's supposed to be near 50 so I might take a walk later and take some pictures.

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Melissa said...

That ornament is so cute! One day Gregory and I are going to get a Christmas tree and you'll have to make me some.