Friday, October 13, 2006

Overalls and blackwork

I finally have the overalls finished, and when Siobhan wakes up I'm going to make her put them on so I can take pictures for E-bay. I hope they sell pretty quickly, I am going to start them at $30 and put a buy it now of $35. There was some prepared for dyeing corduroy on E-bay this morning, 2 yds. of it and I put in a bid of $7, I'm the only bidder so far, and I hope I win it, I'd like to dye some corduroy and use it in a skirt.
I have been going through my needlework files and I think I might make some blackwork ornaments or something. Maybe little cone shaped ones that can be rolled up and sewn and stuffed with lavender, like the sachets I made earlier. I could add a little lace at the top, and they would be really cute. I have so many blackwork patterns. I also have a lot of Palestinian and Israeli traditional cross stitch patterns. I need to print some of that stuff up and put it in my file cabinet. I back up my files every once in awhile, but probably not often enough and I would be so upset if I lost a lot of it.
I'll post pics of the overalls later.

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