Sunday, October 22, 2006

New link

I have had a long, stressful 2 days at work, my boss has been gone and I've had to deal with his boss. Sometimes I get so short sighted that I forget that there are way more important things going on than whether or not I actually keep a low paying job at a national chain store that actually goes against most of what I think we should be doing about the coming energy crisis and other global/US concerns. I try and keep politics off of this site just because it's supposed to be a fun thing about needlework/crafts with the occasional foray into whatever music is inspiring me at the moment, but sometimes the other stuff is so much more important, so I have added a link to the energy clearinghouse. I like this site because it gathers all kinds of news from all over the internet and it's not just about Peak Oil, but also covers a lot of other energy related topics. I also have to admit that I have been thinking more about what to do about things. For me there always seems to be this tension between believing something and acting on it. It's very easy to sit and say I'm such a hypocrite because I work for a company that uses millions of gallons of oil a year to satisfy the wants of a bunch of suburban women who don't or won't know that the party will soon be over, and that unless we try and really conserve now there won't be a future for our children and grand children. And I am a hypocrite, I think about that every day. But on the other hand, it's really hard to know what to do.I should quit my job, and look for something else; I should tell other people that this is a real issue, the most important one that the human race has faced; but I just drift along and do nothing.

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