Thursday, October 19, 2006

More blackwork

I have 5 more blackwork ornaments finished for a total of 6. They are really nice, I went to Hobby Lobby and got some tiny gold beads which I added to two of them. If I have time before work today I am going back to Hobby Lobby to buy some linen. Linen is so expensive, but I have my 40% off coupon that Hobby Lobby has so often. I found a holly and ivy black work border that I think I am going to do for a pillow inset. I am still working on the stained glass rug, too, although the ornaments are for the craft shows, so I'm spending more time on them.
I caught Siobhan listening to the Chieftains Christmas cd the other day. I had to invoke the no Christmas music before the middle of Nov. rule. I have to admit that I have been thinking about Christmas more and more though. I'd like us to Christmas carol this year, even if we don't really go house to house. We could just go to people we know or something. It's something we used to do when we were young. Too bad Melissa doesn't live close, she was in choir for years and she has a beautiful voice. We could sing Christmas carols that are popular, plus do some of the really older ones, like A Virgin Most Pure, or Gaudete or (my own favorite) Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day.
I bought 2 yards of PFD (prepared for dying) corduroy on E-bay, and 4 ozs. of lavender. I'll put the cord in my stash, and later on will dye it and turn it into a skirt. The lavender is for sachets; I'll embroider some and also make cone shaped ones. I have a bunch done that I filled with rose petals; I was thinking of doing some out of Christmas fabrics and filling them with some kind of Christmas potpourri. I think they would probably sell well, too.

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