Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Craft show sewing

One of the craft shows is this weekend, and of course I have to work. Siobhan is off, so I'll just send my stuff with her. I made some scarves yesterday, and Sat. and Sunday I made some cone ornaments. They were really easy, and very cute. I made them like a machine crazy quilt, and sewed trims to the seams. I tried to post pictures yesterday, but for some reason it wouldn't work, so I am trying again today.
I am making a Christmas dress for my Tiny Tears today, and if it turns out nice I'm going to list it on E-bay. I have a pair of overalls on there now, but with it getting closer to Christmas I am going to try and have 3-4 things minimum on there all the time. I saw a Saucy Walker doll today who was really cute, so when I get enough extra money in my paypal account I might bid on a new doll. I haven't had one in almost a year.

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