Saturday, October 07, 2006

Not much

I haven't been doing much because I've been so sick. Yesterday I felt a bit better and finished the applique I was working on for another pair of overalls. I have has the worst cold I can remember having for a long time, but the weird thing is that it kind of settled into my shoulder, or something, and it reaaly hurt. It still does, but it's better than before.
I also did a dye run with my new Cushings dyes and Maryanne Lincolns book. I wanted some true blue colors for Siobhan's rug, so I did a 5 swatch set , using the jar method. I like the jar method because it gives a nice range of shades of the same color.Actually the blues are more of a navy then I was looking for, or then they looked in the book. I'll try again when I get home tonight with a bit less black in the mix. I have started a dye record book with instructions and swatches, and I think it will be really helpful when it comes to repeating a color or colors.

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