Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Well I didn't stay up til midnight, I just couldn't do it. I had been taking so much Benadryl while waiting to get my other allergy medicine that I was so tired I was sleeping all the time. I got the other one now, and I feel so much better.

Carla came over yesterday and we took mom back to the dr's; she wasn't sleeping and her stomach was always upset. We all suspected it was her blood thinner that was doing it, so Richard told her not to take it til after we talked to the Dr. He put her on a different one, although she isn't going to take that one either for a couple of days. She seemed to be doing better when Sio and I left yesterday afternoon. She ate a little and seemed to be keeping it down. Rich is going over there later, and I will go later too. John and I are going to Borders later on and I'll have him drop me off there. I have a bunch of stuff to wash anyway; Sio and I went to the thrift store near here and bought some stuff. She is taking apart some sweaters to use for the yarn, and I want to felt a couple of sweaters I bought so I can make them into a bag and maybe one of the fleece lined scarves. When ever I had a few odd moments over the last week I have been beading a piece of corduroy for a bag flap; it's finished in the picture here. I'm going to sew the bag together this morning before anyone wakes up.

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