Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Recycled Sweater

My mom is back in the hospital, it turns out she has a lot of ulcers which may have been caused by the stroke and all the aspirin based blood thinners and her high blood pressure medicine. Siobhan drove her to the hospital early Monday morning. I'm not sure when she'll be coming home but we are hoping some time today. I was over there most of Monday and then Sio and I were there yesterday afternoon. I called mom this morning and she isn't sure what is going to happen today. As soon as Sio wakes up today we'll go back to visit for awhile before work if she doesn't come home.

While I was there yesterday I started unravelling a sweater that Sio had bought at the resale shop and then began crocheting a scarf from the yarn. I got the front unraveled, and then this morning I started on the turtleneck. I unravel a section and then crochet for a bit and then unravel a bit more. I figure I'll get a scarf, a hat, and maybe some arm warmers or fingerless gloves. The yarn is pretty and perfect to put on Etsy for Valentines Day.

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