Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Last Dye Run

I did one more dye run to try and get some more intense colors, and it was really worth my while. I got a fabric which will work perfectly with what I think I want to do. I also got 5 other nice fabrics that I will put aside til later. If I have time I may just be able to do another piece in time for the show, too.

OK, I cut strips with jagged edges and laid them down on the stabilizer vertically, over lapping each other. I have some purple sparkle organza that I am going to cut into swirls and lay on top. I am then going to put a sheer white organza overlay over the top. The piece which I dyed tonight will be cut to come down in curves and jagged lines over the top of the overlay. I will do some kind of silhouette of a landscape, probably mountains or hills on the bottom to overlap the bottom of the overlay. I may build it up using greys and charcoals and even black. Once everything is built up I will layer and quilt it. I think it's going to look really good, although maybe not; it may turn out that the fabrics I dyed are too light for the organza overlay, but if it is I'll try tulle. I'll post pics as I finish each step.


Melissa said...

The colors you got in this dye run are so vibrant! What did you do differently this time?

Paula said...

I used more dye and left the fabric in longer. I wanted these to be stronger more vibrant colors in case I needed them for contrast.

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