Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hooray for Dyeing 2

I did another dye run this morning. I was looking for sunset/sunrise colors. I had another fat 1/4 of Kona, a piece of tan Quilters cotton and a white on white print that I dyed. I used yellow, coral pink and sunrise red on the Kona; it's to the left in the pic. I mixed a bit of turqoise with the red to get a purple color which I also used on the Kona, although you can't really tell. I used the coral, red and purple on the tan, which is the piece on the left. The colors came out more subdued, but the turquoise and red started to seperate and there are a few spots where you can see the turquoise. I don't know why it did it on the one fabric and not on the other.

What I really like is the white on white print. Again, I used yellow, sunrise red and coral pink and it looks really nice. I am going to dye some more of this using darker colors. John and I are going to Blicks when he comes home and I am going to buy indigo and purple.

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