Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crafty Pictures and Spinning

Here are pics of the other blue finished rug, the blue tam, the squares in squares quilt top, and the thrifted goodness I have ready to be made into rugs and other items. The neatly folded blue piles are shirts I've taken apart and it's mostly what I've used in the quilt; the exploding box is scraps from bed linens that I am going to use for quilts, pillows, table runners etc. I decided to add another row to the quilt which is why I didn't finish it the other day. I've been at moms for the last couple of days so I didn't get a chance to get back to it. I'm hoping to get the top finished up this morning and then start quilting it later on today. I have been spinning in the evening and have a bobbin full of the Corriedale top spun. I am going to take it off today and see how much I have. I want to have about 120 yds or so of a 3 ply with each ply a different color; maybe orange, red and purple or something. Sio and I went to Borders the other day and I was reading Spin Off magazine; there was an intentionally bumpy yarn in there that she liked a lot. It was a thick thin thing and was done in bright colors but I'm having problems spinning a nice worsted singles lately; the thickest I can seem to do is a sport weight. The article said this could be spun without a jumbo flyer, but I don't know. I might try although I have to go back out to Borders and either buy the magazine or take some notes.

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