Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Rug Update

So the rug is growing. It's almost 3 feet across. I started out thinking I was going to make one big room size rug, but I'm not anymore. I'm actually leaning towards 3 smaller area rugs; one on either side of the bed and one at the foot. The round one will go on my side of the bed; I'll make it about 6 inches wider than it is now. Then I'm going to crochet another smaller one for John's side. I don't think it will be round because there isn't much room on his side. A narrow 2 1/2 foot by 3 1/2 foot should be nice there. And then I'm going to warp the loom and weave a rug about 3 x 5 feet to go at the end of the bed. With the hardwood floors I think the handmade rugs will look really nice. I also want to paint the walls white but I'm waiting til it gets a bit warmer out.
I got 2 new books for my birthday at Borders. One is Last Minute Patchwork Gifts, and the other is Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day which Melissa loves and uses all the time. We are having oven problems though so I think I am going to go over to moms and bake over there either tomorrow or Thursday. I would like to stop buying bread and just bake. John also ordered a new fishing rod for me and I'll be excited to get it. I also have 2 more books coming in the mail as a birthday present to myself. One is the Denyse Schmidt quilting book, and the other one is Zaka sewing.
I have been spinning a bit too, I have some red yarn that I want to ply. My wheel came with a lazy kate, but I have an antique one that belonged to my friend Joan's mother and I like it so much better. The one that cam with the wheel is just 2 metal rods screwed in to a piece of wood, the antique one is much better as shown in the picture. It came with 6 small bobbins, but the kiwi bobbins just fit so it's ok. I have a ton of fiber that still needs to be carded or combed and spun. I combed some of my Nfld Heritage fleece and I am going to comb some more. When I have about 3 ozs combed out I'm going to dye it; I have another hat pattern I want to try. I still haven't made the tam from the 2 oz bits that I dyed and spun last week. I've been really busy with the rug. Carla and I have been talking about having a green crafting workshop in her space and seeing if there would be any interest in classes. It would be a fun thing to do; I'd be wiling to teach a one day workshop on recycling sweaters. We could do something with felting wool sweaters and also recycling yarn from sweaters; and maybe some basic crochet stitches. I'm sure there are plenty of people in Evanston who are making things from other things. If there were enough classes and workshops set up then maybe she and Jimmy could make enough to pay the rent on the space.

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