Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nothing But A Song

Video from the GBS show

Also the set list; this was an incredible show.

Donkey Riding
Captain Kidd
Paddy Murphy
When I'm Up
Jack Hinks
Gideon Brown
Nothing But A Song
River Driver
Let It Go
Sing-a-long (I Fought the Law, Faith, Jesse's Girl, 500 Miles, Bohemian Rhapsody)
Run Run Away

5 Solos - Bob - Come and I Will Sing You
Murray - Tennessee Stud
Sean - Sooner or Later
Alan - Hit the Ground and Run
Kris - Where the Streets Have No Name

Process Man (Chemical Worker's Song)
When I Am King
Everything Shines
General Taylor
Scolding Wife
I'm A Rover
Sea of No Cares (Living Room Version)
Helmet Head
Consequence Free
Mari Mac
Ordinary Day

Captain Wedderburn
Excursion Around the Bay
Fortune Set
Old Brown's Daughter

I'm really glad that the last 3 times I've seen them they've done the living room version of Sea of No Cares; I really like it so much better than the original version. Also Sean's solo of Sooner or Later was really great too. A truly superb evening!

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