Thursday, March 04, 2010


I spent the day at mom's waiting for the cable guy and got a nice start on the rug that I'm making for the bedroom. I also pulled out the partly finished quilt and took a look at that; and I might take the white sashing out and replace it with blue if I can find a nice cotton sheet at the thrift store. I also am going to look for something to make curtains with; I was thinking white with an embroidered edge if I can find a nice embroidery pattern. With the warm up we've had I'm going to bike up to the thrift store tomorrow morning. I haven't been up there in awhile so it will be a fun trip. The thrift store trip isn't just for redecorating the bedroom, though. My copy of the Rag Rug Handbook came the other day and I really want to warp the loom and weave a rug. There are some really nice rugs in there and I want to make one. We need a runner for the front door, and a rug for the bathroom. Siobhan said she was going to warp the loom 2 weeks ago to make a scarf and she still hasn't so I'm going to.
I made the pillow yesterday and listed it in my store. I like it; Siobhan thought it was a bit boring, but whatever. I am maybe going to make another one tomorrow, I like the random patch pillows and I have TONS of fabric.

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