Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Craffts and 1st Fishing Pics

John and I met Chris at Hidden Lake yesterday; it was a gorgeous day, warm and sunny. There was still a bit of ice on the back lake but more than half was open water. We were out for a couple of hours with no success, we had tried spinners, plastic worms and minnows. John was still out on a minnow about 3 feet down or so while Chris and I were kind of getting stuff together when BAM! his bobber went down and took off. He grabbed the pole and it was apparent to him that it was a big fish. He and Chris saw it while I was trying to get the camera out, but as he was getting it close to the shore it snapped the line. He and Chris said it had to have been 5 lbs. We are going back out tomorrow and probably on Friday too. The only reason we aren't going tonight is because I have a dentists appt and then we are going to Punkys for the St Patricks Day celebration.

The roving Melissa got me spins up so nice! I have about 170 yds of a sport weight yarn in skeins and I'd say about another 70 yds on a bobbin on my wheel and then close to half the roving that hasn't been spun yet. I was originally going to ply it but I've changed my mind and am now looking for a pattern to use for it. I'm sort of waffling between 2 lace patterned scarves; one is knit and one crochet.

I've also been working on another crochet rug which I finished this morning.I think I may put it in my store. This one is a bit smaller than the last one, it's only 29 inches in diameter. These rugs are perfect to use for pieces of fabric that have been given to me that I will never use, large scraps left over from other projects and for pieces of clothing and linens from the thrift store that are in less than perfect condition or are just plain ugly. They are also pretty quick to make. I use a size N crochet hook and work on them in the evenings while I watch tv. I like this one; if it doesn't sell after a couple of months I'm going to use it in the kitchen.

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