Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pandora is Really Cool!

Ok, so I tried Pandora radio today. It is the best thing since sliced bread! Put in a band, any band, and it will make a radio station just for you based on what band you put in. Or genre, you can put in genres too. And when you register it saves your station. I typed in a band name (Lunasa) and got Lunasa, the McDades and now Danu. I really think I'll be listening to this a lot. Plus it has an about the music tab and it will tell you a bit about the artist and the song. Too cool!
On the crafting front I finished another rug, and I also made a tam from the Lambs Pride I bought at the yarn store in Geneva. I have all the roving spun up that Melissa gave me but I haven't started a project yet. I have been combing some of the Corriedale fleece I bought. I also have a throw quilt top almost done; it's based on a quilt in the Denyse Schmidt book I bought. I'm going to finish the blocks today (there are only 3 left) and maybe get the layers basted before I go to bed. It's not going to be very big, about 45x54 inches. The nice thing about it is that almost the whole thing is made from fabric from the thrift store. I think 5 of the blocks are made from some homespun fat 1/4's I had in my stash but that's the only thing that didn't come from the thrift store besides the batting. I may end up putting it in my Etsy store, or maybe not. It goes well with the rugs I've made and the big quilt I haven't finished yet so it may end up in the bedroom.
We've been out fishing a few more times and so far we've had no more luck. We were planning on going today but it's pretty cold and windy. I think Saturday is supposed to be nice so we might go then.

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