Monday, August 14, 2006

I decided to start this blog to write about and post pictures of the various fiber arts projects that I am always working on, as well as the occasional contributions from other family members. I am currently involved in trying to use up some of the yarn my daughter and I seem to be drowning in. I also quilt, embroider, sew, do some traditional rug hooking, and knit a bit from time to time, although I'm not really good at it. We also have acquired a 24 inch floor loom, and eventually I hope to learn to weave as well. I see a spinning wheel somewhere in the future, too, when I have saved a bit for one. I am also involved in the planning stages of some hooked chair pads for a set of garage sale chairs I picked up for really cheap ($1.50 each). They are nice sturdy wood chairs, but have been covered with ugly yellow vinyl. I'll take pictures and post them later.

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Melissa said...

Great idea, Mom! You should add a list of needlework links to the sidebar for reference. I've never gotten around to doing that on my own site.